You'll learn how to:

  • Get maximum impact out of your drops

    We'll teach you how to make sure all of your drops sound huge and translate well on laptops, earbuds, and of course — dance floors.

  • Increase the stereo width of your mix

    Learn techniques for pitch-shifting, panning, doubling, imaging, frequency-dependent separation, modulation, mid-side processing, reverb and delay.

  • Mix a lush sounding lead vocal

    Learn how to get a modern glossy vocal with EQ, dynamics processing and time-based effects while avoiding a harsh or over-processed sound.

  • Pretreat vocals with pitch correction

    Perfect your vocals with transparent pitch correction, use tuning as a radical effect, or find that perfect sweet spot right in between.

  • Mix kicks that cut through a dense mix

    A great sounding kick drum is paramount. We'll show you the secrets to getting hard-hitting kicks in our in-depth kick mixing workshop.

  • Add a rhythmic pulse to your mix

    You may know it as sidechain compression, but there's many ways to get rhythmic pumping. We'll break them all down so you know which to use.

  • Add excitement with automation

    Static mixes are boring! We'll show you how to use automation to bring life and excitement to special moments hiding within your song.

  • Maximize tension and release in a mix

    We'll show you tips and techniques for getting the most out of buildups and breakdowns that result in dramatic moments of tension and release.

  • Get huge synth leads, pads and basses

    Learn how to bring color and excitement out of your synths while making sure they stand out and sit perfectly in the mix.

  • Apply these techniques to other genres

    This tutorial is based around EDM source material, but the techniques and approaches we teach you will directly apply to other genres as well.

  • Manipulate contrast within your song

    Contrast is vital to a great song and an exciting mix. We’ll show you techniques for achieving effective contrast within your arrangement and mix.

  • Get the best results out of mastering

    Learn how to prepare your mixes and get the most out of mastering in our 40 minute interview with legendary mastering engineer Chris Athens.

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What's it all about?

Mixing EDM

Learn how to...

  • Mix drops for maximum impact on the dance floor
  • Use tonal and dynamic contrast to your advantage
  • Automate for more exciting songs and mixes
  • Make your synth leads and basses sound huge
  • Mix a hard-hitting kick drum that cuts through the mix
  • Mix a lush sounding lead vocal that sits perfectly in the pocket
  • Manipulate the perceived width, depth and height of a mix
  • Prepare your mix for getting the best results from mastering

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Tutorial Breakdown (4.5 hours)

Mix Walkthroughs
  1. Pitch-correcting vocals
  2. Getting a faders up mix
  3. Making initial notes
  4. Mixing kick drums
  5. Mixing the bass
  6. Mixing build ups
  7. Mixing verses + vocals
  8. Mixing peripheral elements
  9. Mixing two different drops
Mix Workshops
  1. Manipulating contrast
  2. Enhancing stereo width
  3. Getting better transitions
  4. Mixing kick drums (in-depth)
  5. Mixing Drum 'n' Bass
Mastering and more
  1. Interview with Chris Athens
  2. Multitracks for practice
  3. Mastered versions of all three songs

Other tutorials and a discounted bundle

Mixing Hip-Hop

Mixing Hip-Hop
  • Mixing Rap Vocals: Essentials
  • Mixing Rap Vocals 2: Advanced
  • Mixing Hip-Hop Beats
  • Home mastering tips
  • Multitracks for practice

Mixing with EQ

Mixing EDM
  • Balancing sounds
  • Shaping tone
  • Blending elements
  • Enhancing clarity
  • Special effects

Complete Bundle

All tutorials (40+ Hours)
Complete Bundle
  • Mixing Home Recordings
  • Advanced Mixing + Mixing 101
  • Reverb + Compression + EQ
  • Mixing EDM + Mixing Hip-Hop
  • Workshop + Mixthru Bundle
  • $1200 Total Value

Mixing with Compression

Mixing with Compression
  • Manipulating tone
  • Controlling dynamics
  • Parallel processing
  • Setting attack & release
  • Compressor types

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About Matthew Weiss

Matthew Weiss is a Grammy nominated and Spellemann Award winning audio engineer from Philadelphia.

Matthew has mixed a lot of records, including songs for producers like Space Cowboy (Lady Gaga, Nadia Oh!), !llmind & The Dance, Dizzee Rascal, The Symphony, Arrested Development and more.

Matthew has also been a featured guest speaker at Cornell University, ProStudio Live, SXSW and more.

We’re excited to share the mixing techniques Matthew has developed over the years, and our goal is to help you elevate the quality of all your mixes and productions no matter what circumstances or gear you're working with.

In addition to these courses, Matthew also writes articles for The Pro Audio Files and we encourage you to check those out. Of course, email us if you have any questions.

Mixing EDM Tutorial


  • What songs are used in the tutorial?

    The Symphony - Clouds

    Syn Cole - Miami 82 (by Everbeatz)

    Medicineman & Sofija Knezevic - Another Me (Mike Livingstone Remix)

  • Does the tutorial only apply to Pro Tools?

    Nope! While Matthew mixes in Pro Tools, the processes he teaches are completely independent of any one particular DAW and will apply to Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops, Studio One and other similar platforms.

  • Do I need to own specific plugins?

    Nope! Matthew uses the plugins he prefers to teach with, but the concepts will apply to any similar signal processing. Matthew may demonstrate with the FabFilter Pro-Q EQ or Sonnox Oxford Dynamics compressor, but the same ideas will apply to any EQ or compressor, including stock plugins inside your DAW.

    Using high quality software can certainly improve your results, but the most important factor is learning to use what you already have as effectively as possible — and that's what we're all about.

  • How is this different than other tutorials?

    Mixing EDM differs from other tutorials in a lot of ways.

    First, it's process-oriented. Rather than teaching a bunch of techniques that only apply to specific source material, Matthew teaches you what to listen for and how to adapt that to the various demands of each individual record.

    Secondly, the tutorials are aimed directly at EDM. While a lot of mixing overlaps genres, every style of music has its own unique stylistic world, and those specific nuances are important and shouldn't be overlooked.

    Lastly, Matthew isn't just a highly skilled and accredited engineer, but also a highly skilled educator! There are many great engineers — and many of great teachers — but few excel at both. Matthew communicates complex ideas in an easy to understand and digestible way.

  • How are the files delivered?

    After you purchase a course, you'll be redirected to a download page and also get a download link via email. The download comes as a .zip folder of .mp4 video files which you can easily play on any device and are yours to keep forever.

  • Should I buy this now or wait?

    We just released Mixing EDM and currently have it on sale for $67 (regularly $97). Grab it today and save!